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Helping your business improve. Helping you open doors to new markets. Improving the integrity of your services. Eliminate exposure to human error from your production

Most camera systems currently available have old outdated technology. CATS uses the latest versions of drivers, hardware and software.

The CATS system is based on Scorpion Vision Software, an industrial automation package used widely throughout industry across many sectors including automotive, food and beverage, oil and gas, general manufacturing and aerospace.

Scorpion Vision is a mature and well developed machine vision product that offers the robustness and reliability that ensures CATS operates 24 hours per day 7 days a week, every week.

An easy to use interface between Scorpion Software and the user.

Which leads us to our system : first developed in 2009 and from exploring all possible suppliers and vision systems available and continually evolving,. Designed for you and your operators to have the best combination of hardware and software. Scorpion Vision Software, Unibrain or Sony Cameras, Omron PLCs and Advantech Controls.

VPTS is committed to assisting our customers to achieve their goals, following are examples of how we have succeeded.

DG3 had a requirement to record, match and verify pension accounts statements processed through their mailing line, a 100% accurate mailing record was essential.

The solution for them was to read from four rotary feeders on their Buhrs line, match OCR codes which were on all four documents, and read data matrix codes through the envelope window before output onto the conveyor to verify each pack had exited the inserter.

Prtcompany were looking for a solution to read data matrix codes to accumulate packs of up to 30 sheets of A4, fed to Bell & Howell Inserter, the pack was then matched with an item fed from a hopper on this inserter.

VPTS installed a system to read the codes, accumulate packs and match to the insert The CATS Vision system was adapted to interface with the Bell & Howell operating software.

The CATS Camera System is developed by VPTS.

Performance-average reading speeds
Barcode 180,000 per hour
OCR 90,000 per hour
4 cameras 38,600 per hour
Sheet feeder 72,000 per hour

The CATS system is based on Scorpion Vision Software

Vision system for Inserters, Poly-wrapping machines and all other mailing equipment.